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Category Archives: Sculpture

The Glassware of Pål Roland Janssen

Pål Roland Janssen lives and works in Oslo and is an artist who formulates and gives substance to the glass. Vivid colored objects in strange combinations they provoke us with their diversity. His world of glass, contains a shimmering, unreal environment that sometimes represents human

Wesley Fleming’s world of insects

Growing up in Pensylvania Wesley Fleming has learned to explore the world of nature, to look under stones and into the ground and to read science fiction. These first images and searches are those who played the leading role in his art and established him

People in cities from Jiannan Wu

Expression, human beings and the elements or objects that exist in everyday life are the primary stimuli for the Chinese artist Jiannan Wu. On the streets, in cities and in public transportation we can find the essence of his art which is the expression of

The unlimits art by Stelios Mousarris

His name is Stelios Mousarris and he is one of the most talented and imaginative furniture designers of our time. He lives and works in Cyprus but that doesn’t restrict him in design or construction. Besides, as he says, ” an artist has no limits

The marble world by Petros Marmarinos

For thousands years now the art of marble of Tinos Island, not only survives but also continues uninterruptedly to exist and to show us her masterful technique through the hands and minds of capable and worthy successors of this tradition. Up there in Panormos or Pirgos on

We participate in a kickstarter with Georgios GreeKalogerakis

Georgios GreeKalogerakis started a kickstarter. The official invitation from the Biennale of Venice to participate and present his stunning metallic collection titled “Personal structures” is the beggining so that his constructions have a global acceptance and recognition as they deserve. Here at Ovalme, last week

Applications in clay by Despoina Xenakis

The clay is a material that leaves you free to try its limits. This is how Despina Xenakis moves artistically and constantly opens paths for new experimentation and new applications. In her works, this trend is visible, and they surprise us with original ideas and

The notable artist GreeKalogerakis

Georgios GreeKalogerakis was born in Thessaloniki and was specialized in manufacturing metal construction, first in the industrial area as an act, and then as a theory with his studies on Mixed Arts, at the University of Westminster. His path to the sculpture started and continues