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The fantastic world of Kalli Bellou

Photography is not just a hobby for some people. For Kalli Bellou in particular is an endless love, her dream, a beautiful picture and an optimistic smile.   Born in Belgium and self-taught in photography. For her, the technique of photography varies, and her shots

The photographic stories of David Heger

For David Heger, photographs are not a frozen moment in time, they can tell stories. Every contrived picture narrates a story of a dreamy landscape, with childlike presences and symbolic representations that take place mainly in nature. The set-up of each photo refers and reminds

The optimistic side of life by David Buisine

Frenchman David Buisine studied history, but from very early he had shown interest in the art of photography. Self-taught in photography, he never stopped exploring and expressing his artistic temperament through this art. His gaze stops on people, on buildings, on beautiful pictures of nature

The limits of the human kind by Giuseppe Santagata.

Giuseppe Santagata is born in Italy and before focusing on photography he was studying Law. With his photos, Giuseppe is looking for the image of transient and the consumable, through the human body. Seeking the soul and the existential reality, he tries to capture the

The freedom of Alice van der Sluis’s mind

Alice van der Sluis creates and presents ideas, dreams and surreal images through the art of photography and photoshop. The challenge for her is to create something new, a new reality that requires a free mind remote from commonplace and traditional images and thoughts. Alice

America America by Photographer Jack Delano

Jack Delano (August 1, 1914 – August 12, 1997) was an American photographer for the Farm Security Administration (FSA) and a composer noted for his use of Puerto Rican folk material. All photos are from Library of Congress. Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα

The reality and the fantasy by Monia Marceta

Spanish Monia Marceta moves artistically between photography, cinema and visual image representation. Trying as she says, to find the limits in the relationship between fiction and reality, she shows us dark pictures or with a starring color, especially blue, and with a strong water element.

The underwater world of Michael David Adams

Michael David Adams lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. From the result of his photographic work appears that photography for him is not only work, but also a kind of personal entertainment. He has worked with almost all known magazines such as Vogue, Vanity

The aquamarine of the photographer Dean West

The award-winning Australian photographer Dean West takes us into a gentle world of color through excursion and travel relaxing landscapes. White and seascapes, innocent pastel colors with small and minimalist tensions which have been aptly placed in space. Ideal worlds, innocent connotations of a past

Leonidas Vasilopoulos Chimera

What is a chimera? A mythological monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a dragon’s tail. But for M. Karagatsis’ “Great Chimera” , we should be transferred to images of human situations that indicate immersive feelings, limitless passions and intense psychological processes. Leonidas