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The human element in illustration of Tim Rasbash

Oversized heads of people with strongly captured expressions in their eyes  and in the improper in size posture of their bodies. The illustrator Tim Rasbash narrates emotional stories having as a beggining abd as a sample the human element which is governed by sorrow and

Greece for Mike Karolos

  Mike tell us a few words about yourself to get to know you. What have you studied and how did you decide to deal with the graphic design and illustration? I studied graphic design at AKTO. I made the decision to deal with the

The 3D calligraphies of Tolka Girgin

Tolga Girgin fools us! At first sight you think that he practices the art of paper cutting. But immediately after you realize that his creations don’t have to do with cutter nor with scissors. Tolga Girgin using ink and paper creates calligraphic and visual hallucinations