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The talented jewelry designer Tania Drakidou

Tanya Drakidou, the jewelry designer who uses gems and loves to create collections of silver and gold. She grew up in a small village in Greece and in high school she manufactured and sold her first jewel. With a lot of work and after being

Ancient Greek garment by Eleni Kyriacou

Classic Greece, for the fashion designer Eleni Kyriacou, is a benchmark for the creation of her clothes. When we hosted her here in Ovalme, the Cypriot award winner designer had mentioned that the fashion design for her is “… a form of art. I consider myself as

The ethnic fashion of Panos Apergis

  What is fashion for you, apart from your prime profession? It’s my life, daily reality and my look at the world. Is there space for new fashion designers in Greece and what advice would you give to young people who want to deal with

Fotini Lagaki presents her collection inspired from sun and geometry

Fotini Lagaki is this year’s winner of the competition 19th Athens Xclusive Designer Week! She was born and raised in Athens.  From a very young age she had a talent for painting, manufacturing various items, but also sewing clothes. She studied interior design and architecture at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens,

Subtractive power of Polina Sapouna-Ellis’ jewellery

Polina Sapouna Ellis studied Classical Archaeology and History of Art at the University of Heidelberg. Her big passion is painting, drawing and archeology since, as she tells us, she has spent her childhood summers next to John and Effie Sakellaraki participating in the excavations. Her

Contrasts of Maro Martzy illuminated the catwalk of AXDW

Maro Martzy was born in Kozani and she studied industrial design. But soon the world of fashion conquered her! Creative, dynamic and highly sensitive she impress us with her presentation of the collection “Adikrahene” in Athens Xclusive Designer Week. You will understand how promising she is

The ancient greek elegance of Anna Vlahos’ jewelry

In our report on Anna Vlahos‘ jewels, we can not just talk about elegance but we should also talk about the beauty of simplicity and abstraction. Her sense of Greece, is that “… jewellery and art objects come out of the ground as though they