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The unlimits art by Stelios Mousarris

His name is Stelios Mousarris and he is one of the most talented and imaginative furniture designers of our time. He lives and works in Cyprus but that doesn’t restrict him in design or construction. Besides, as he says, ” an artist has no limits

A different Chaise Longue

CHAISE LONGUE is a project by designer Stefano Marolla in the first collaboration with Secondome.   Κράτα το Κράτα το Please follow and like us:

Frank Gehry – Wiggle Stool

Frank Gehry is one of the most important architects of the 20th and 21st centuries. He is a Canadian-American, born 1929, Toronto, Canada, based in Los Angeles, California. Wiggle Stool, 1972 – Corrugated cardboard, Masonite Manufacturer: Easy Edges, Inc. 16 × 17 × 14 1/4

Origami chair by Grete Juel Jalk

Plywood GJ Chair 1963 by Danish furniture designer Grete Juel Jalk (1920–2006). Exhibited in Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Κράτα το Please follow and like us:

The “fly” of Michaël Cailloux

Michaël Cailloux is a passionate French artist who loves painting and creating. He graduated from the École Duperré School of Design in Paris in 1998 and in 1999 he decided to start his own company, the “Atelier LZC”, to produce its own collections and creations

The furniture of Yael and Shay

Nice furniture, modern ideas and a colorful and imaginative presentation in the sector of decoration. Be sure that when you enter the website of Yael and Shay you will stay longer than in any similar online content page. Why; They have lots of imagination and

Amit Sturlesi and his bright world

He wanted the uniqueness and he succeeded. He wanted the originality and he did it. He sought different ways to illuminate us and he shone! Amit Sturlesi, in Tel Aviv of Israel, creates beautiful and bright sculptures. The classic bedside lamp can be replaced with