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A world at our feet by Roy

A world at our feet! Roy creates and tells stories of some plastic creatures that are involved with our objects and in our lives by causing and crating new stories mimicking our own actions. Their tiny world invite us to their funny activities and gives

The photography of the miniature of Macchesematte

Matteo, known as Macchesematte, is a creator of small or better of mini stories. He photographs scenes and images he has seen or thought about and creates miniatures of people and objects. With a photographic click and from ornated representations of miniatures, Matteo makes symbolic

Sweet, inventive and geometric alchemies from Kia Utzon-Frank

  Are they this valuable tools, her inspiration and her talent,  to mobilize her mind? We believe that not only they are, but her inventions show us that her theory rests on virgin or not lands to convert them step by step into something completely

The medieval miniature-city of Gripenhem

The medieval town of Gripenhem was made entirely by Jeff. It’s about a miniature that is in a room of his house in Detroit! It is at least impressive not only for the excellence in construction but also because it makes us wandering to other

The furniture of Yael and Shay

Nice furniture, modern ideas and a colorful and imaginative presentation in the sector of decoration. Be sure that when you enter the website of Yael and Shay you will stay longer than in any similar online content page. Why; They have lots of imagination and

Amit Sturlesi and his bright world

He wanted the uniqueness and he succeeded. He wanted the originality and he did it. He sought different ways to illuminate us and he shone! Amit Sturlesi, in Tel Aviv of Israel, creates beautiful and bright sculptures. The classic bedside lamp can be replaced with

Wire sculptures, one for each day of the year

His name is Darryl Kanouse and he has named his project “365 Wires”. Today he made his two hundred and fifteenth project and his aim is to reach 365 iron sculptures. Every day is a new design, each day Darryl from March 28 2015 until

The metalic animal kingdom of Ptolemy Elrington

Ptolemy Elrington wins you at first with his sounding name. Along the way of course you start getting happily surprised with his original metal and many more of his creations. Ptolemy studied art and design in Bradford, England, and worked on various jobs until he

“Blossom”, exhibition of Mari Aoyama

Mari, tell us a few words about you, to get to know you better. I was born in Tokyo, and I spent my childhood between Athens, Tokyo and Cairo. I studied at Parsons in New York, at the Ecole de la Chambre Syndicale de la