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Horizons for Caterina Rossato

How pictures that are captured only with our eyes would be or the photos that have not been taken yet? The question of Caterina Rossato made her try to find a solution and search for the way that an image continues to exist either in

The transient collages of Max Speed

The biographical information about Max Speed is a little vague and recedes in time, traveling in the past. We will move only through the rumors and … maybe we will manage to find ourselves on the right track! So they say that there is a

The globetrotter collage of Isabelle Joubert

The pictures from photos of fashion, advertising, or models, is the main and the original inspiration for Isabelle Joubert. After she finds in magazines the suitable photographic material, then she combines with her imagination the pieces to create the final image she wants. After connecting

The mapping of collage by Tristesse Seeliger

Tristesse Seeliger is an Art teacher at a school in Vancouver and as a consistent educational, she tried to create ways to teach as best as possible mathematics compared with art. This combination through her studies, spawned her own creations, which is influenced by geometric patterns,

The whole world a collage by db Waterman

As a young girl she liked to cut images with faces from magazines and newspapers including elements from photos and stick them together, creating a new image. The Dutch db Waterman, tells us stories making worlds by matching the paper and other materials. This mixed

The paper compositions of Lisa Jonasson

She was born in Sweden and has finished the School of Fine Arts of Stockholm. Lisa Jonasson‘s work is characterised by variegation and symbolisms. Her works, made of paper, piece by piece compose human figures in a narrative pattern. Human bodies or parts of them,

The amazing art of collage: George Bogiatzidis

His name is George Bogiatzidis, he lives in the beautiful city of Thessaloniki and he is “clipping” images. The tools of collage are simple, as a pair of scissors, a lot of pictures and lots of glue. The most important work though, as he says,

The stories of David Delruelle

He was born in 1988 in Brussels. David Delruelle, in a silent way, challenges our emotion. He composes photo collage, with extracts of photos that are there or missing. The absence or presence in this case narrates emotions and presents stories through black and white