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Category Archives: Body-painting

The most beautiful tattoos!

The tattoo, as a unique form of art, as it is carried on human skin, is in vogue for many years yet has divided society in terms of taste and necessity. But we are not here to judge the benefits or otherwise of this particular

The amazing bodypainting of Trina Merry!

Almost naked people in famous areas of the world, appear or rather disappear through the elaborate camouflage of Trina Merry. In known places of famous cities, in crowded areas, in forests and in the nature, Trina Merry impresses us with her painting but also with

The heroes of Lianne Moseley

Lianne Moseley paints, and she paints well! She mostly paints faces and what she needs as a meterial is human skin. It sounds somewhat strange or as a storyline from a thriller movie? Let me explain! Lianne Moseley is a bodypainter, she draws representations on

Hikaru Cho plays with our mind!

Hikaru Cho is a young Japanese artist, who is involved in with many artistic fields. He does body painting, he creates clay sculptures, makes stop motion animation and he designs clothes. What interested us in this text is his astonishing body painting which has a