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People in cities from Jiannan Wu

Expression, human beings and the elements or objects that exist in everyday life are the primary stimuli for the Chinese artist Jiannan Wu. On the streets, in cities and in public transportation we can find the essence of his art which is the expression of

The black and white patterns of Lena Petersen

Lena Petersen is a German artist born in 1981 at the North Sea. She specializes in interior painting and artistic design of large areas with excellent black and white beauty artwork. Her works are found in many restaurants, companies or stores in Germany where the

The illustrator Meni Chatzipanagiotou

Meni Hatzipanagiotou resides and works in Kilkis. Her works, crafted to detail, are influenced by the nature, plants and animals. Although she has experimented with other materials, her favorite is the ink which dominates in her art. What have you studied? I have studied Graphic