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People in cities from Jiannan Wu

Expression, human beings and the elements or objects that exist in everyday life are the primary stimuli for the Chinese artist Jiannan Wu. On the streets, in cities and in public transportation we can find the essence of his art which is the expression of

Street art all over the world

            Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Κράτα το Please follow and like us:

Tom Haney manufactures tradition

Born in Cincinnati of Ohio in 1962, Tom Haney showed his penchant for construction but also his love for mechanical dolls, (Automaton) since his childhood. He remembers himself standing dumbfounded in front of an auto mechanic at the age of two years and lost by

Triantaphyllos Vaitsis in the shadow of his creations

“I was born, I have been growing up, I will die … but until then I will be creating”. In this way Triantaphyllos Vaitsis, welcomes us to his site, and as another magician of everyday life he suggests us to “… see that which cannot

Bodies made of clay

There are some people -lucky I would say- who know from their childhood what they would like to do in their lives. One of them is self-taught Matias Sierra who at very young age he realized that the clay is the object that he adores.

The ancient greek elegance of Anna Vlahos’ jewelry

In our report on Anna Vlahos‘ jewels, we can not just talk about elegance but we should also talk about the beauty of simplicity and abstraction. Her sense of Greece, is that “… jewellery and art objects come out of the ground as though they

Cocoon by Factory Fifteen

It’s about a film that is presented in a dome of 360 degrees and it’s like “wraping” the viewer. Digital film images of architectural structures are presented that they connect and disconnect constantly. The film is based on the idea that architecture is not stagnant,