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Vicky Panetsou- the minimalist style and geometric lines of her collection!

Vicky Panetsou at her thirties has become winner of the open contest of Fashion Design Project at the 19th Athens Exlusive Designers Week. In the “celebration” of fashion that followed, she presented her 1st collection- spring/summer 2017 – where she won the best new designer award confirming that her childhood dream was taking shape. She deals with the Digital Fashion Design and her inspirations are the cinema and the theater.
When I asked her to tell us a few words about herself and her work, although she had returned from a business trip abroad and her schedule was already quite loaded, she accepted with joy. In my turn I will wish her good luck in everything she does and to give us so beautiful collections of clothes!
In the 20th week of AthensExclusive Designer Week you used black-white color. Tell us about this choice of yours.
I believe that all women can wear balck and white regardless their personal style and that combining them we have an explosive result.
From an early age you wanted to deal with the fashion design and you did it. Being part of it would you say that it is as you expected to be? If not, what is that bothers you the most and that you would like to change?
Some things are demystified when you get very close to them. Seeing closely the world of fashion I realized that it hasn’t lost it’s magic, despite the difficulties, I loved even more what I do. To create something from scratch is a challenge. It’s a process that keeps you alert, requires watching developements and to evolve at the same time.
What is the style you would like to establish for your collections?

Collections in a minimalist style, with geometric lines and characteristic cuts.

Why do you think women should take care of their image and their dress?
‘Dress shabbily and they remember the dress; dress impeccably and they remember the woman.’ as Coco Channel said.
Would you like to tell us a few words about your future plans?
My future plans are beautiful collaborations and other beautiful and inspired collections.
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