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Monthly Archives: January 2017

The unlimits art by Stelios Mousarris

His name is Stelios Mousarris and he is one of the most talented and imaginative furniture designers of our time. He lives and works in Cyprus but that doesn’t restrict him in design or construction. Besides, as he says, ” an artist has no limits

Our cultural environment byLauren Matsumoto

Lauren Matsumoto characterizes her work as hybrid. She connects painting, drawing and collage to her work so that the end result is consistent with the dynamics of nature and contains the elements of the Renaissance and the life cycle. Nature is the protagonist in every

The selective memory of Jim Edwards

Memory for Jim Edwards is his main point of reference in his paintings. He, in particular, refers to his selective memory. The buildings he confronts in his routes are not represented with accuracy but with an exaggeration and a number of additional or alternative details.

Tha natural world for Bryan Mark Taylor

For Bryan Mark Taylor the greater and best education and study is performed outdoors. It is out there where he can listen to the nature and to it’s sounds, he distinguishes the change of seasons, he imprints them on his canvas and with a combination

The notable postcards of Jieun Park

When the city sleeps Jieun Park works and paints it. She creates “windows with view” out of uneaven doodles and in their large black layer we can discern in miniature city’s lights and buildings by night. Jieun Park’s painting reveals us fragmented pieces of a

The crystal structure in painting of Antonio Cruz

The paintings of Antonio Cruz look like they have been built slowly and piece by piece. Polygonal shapes seem to fit together to form part of a general virtual conception. Harmonious colors, triangles and polygons, shadow and light playing together, compose Antonio’s painting game. His

The old women of Francien Krieg

The majority of works of art so far show youth in all its manifestations. The fear of ageing and time effects on the human body is something that scares and prevents any artistic expression. Ageing means wrinkles and disease and is consciously close to the