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Monthly Archives: November 2016

The Butterflies of Aphrodite Kyriazi

The new collection of Aphrodite Kyriazi is titled “Butterflies”. After the vehicles and mopeds we had presented here in Ovalme, Aphrodite gives us with her paintings feathers and colors and takes us into the incredible details of her projects. Please follow and like us:

The musical instruments by Zhana Viel

Music is the art that ispires her. Zhana Viel paints while listening to her favourite music, classic or jazz, and her human figures on the canvas blend harmonically with some musical instrument. Her work simple and abstract remind us the forms of Byzantine paintings, but

The optimistic side of life by David Buisine

Frenchman David Buisine studied history, but from very early he had shown interest in the art of photography. Self-taught in photography, he never stopped exploring and expressing his artistic temperament through this art. His gaze stops on people, on buildings, on beautiful pictures of nature

Ancient Greek garment by Eleni Kyriacou

Classic Greece, for the fashion designer Eleni Kyriacou, is a benchmark for the creation of her clothes. When we hosted her here in Ovalme, the Cypriot award winner designer had mentioned that the fashion design for her is “… a form of art. I consider myself as

Jantina Peperkamp is looking for our energy

She lives in Holland and is self-taught in painting. Jantina’s Peperkamp creations are based on the energy transmitted each time by her model. Τhe result of this process is certainly not immaterial or surreal but is depicted as a romantic realism. The faces in her

Women by Diogenis Papadopoulos

Women on canvas by Diogenis Papadopoulos. Acrylics & Oil on Canvas: Yellow pages| Part 3 and Figures.   Yellow pages| Part 3 Figures Κράτα το Please follow and like us:

Street art all over the world

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