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The photography of the miniature of Macchesematte

Matteo, known as Macchesematte, is a creator of small or better of mini stories. He photographs scenes and images he has seen or thought about and creates miniatures of people and objects. With a photographic click and from ornated representations of miniatures, Matteo makes symbolic worlds that are defined by the contrast of a civilized world and from the inequalities or the social quests and questions arising in the contemporary reality.



  • Matteo tell us a few words about you. Where are you from, where do you live and work and what have you studied?

I live in the countryside of Tuscany, near Florence, Italy with my girlfriend and two cats. I work as electronic designer for a local company and had studied electronics. My passion since i remember was alway art oriented, I played in a band, had fun with videos and photos, make illustration and 3D graphics.


Ideas era



  • Which is the technique that you use in your creations? Explain us a little the procedure of your work.
I don’t know if you can call technique, I try to figure out some scenario around an idea/concept. Then I think about composition and start to search from figurines and scenarios elements, if found it I go on otherwise I try to make it by myself. After creating the scenario and place the figurines as I like, I take some pictures, not more than 5/6 usually. Than unmount everything so I can’t go back the day after to change my idea.

Child and businessman


Key account

  • What are the messages that you want to pass through your art and how do you choose the objects of your symbolism?
The messages depend by the ideas, I like to re-create surreal paradoxes of modern society. The symbols too depends by the idea and what I want to represent. Honestly the message I want to pass through my pictures it’s in the head of the observer I can’t explain the feeling, I hope for a smile on the observer and after another look at the picture another one smile.




  • Where do you draw your ideas from, and what are your influences?

I sketch the idea on paper and start to work on it some weeks later cause I like to take my time on that phase. I read a lot of art blog, like Ovalme :), follow artists on IG or Facebook, read newspaper and listen a lot of music. I’m influenced by art. About this specific kind of art (miniature photography) the first artist I saw and inspirate me to start it’s Slinkachu.


If you want the truth


Monkey farm

  • Which is your favorite work among the ones you have created yourself?
I would like to reply this question like a pro and say “my next work, of course”, but I can’t I’m in love with the picture called “Surreal”, I like the composition and how the message come to me.
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