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Ancient Greek garment by Eleni Kyriacou

Classic Greece, for the fashion designer Eleni Kyriacou, is a benchmark for the creation of her clothes. When we hosted her here in Ovalme, the Cypriot award winner designer had mentioned that the fashion design for her is “… a form of art. I consider myself as an artist and fashion is a way to express myself.” Her love for the ancient classic garment not only haven’t disenchanted her, but got even more strengthened by the proposal of the Greek Olympic Committee to redesign the clothes of the Olympic Torch Lighting Ceremony for the Olympic Games this year in Rio. Her garments impressed over the selection and combination of colors with subtle references to Greek elements -sea, sky, olive, mountain- but also over the feeling of a soft and dancing movement created by the successive folds of her creations.

17e296_5fbfa2a166a24cff851330a0694d7d0c-mv2Ancient Greek element, classical rythme, earthy colors, geometry and considered design, the combination of all these brought two of her clothes, a female garment and a male garment, to be displayed at the Olympic Museum in Lausanne.

museumBut the successful designer did not stop there. She conveyed “her flame” for the ancient garment once again to her new collection entitled “Classical Rhythm”. The differences from the Olympic costumes are small but significant enough to facilitate the daily lives of women who wear them.

17e296_8ab73728521a4cadad89d4f712cc39c7-mv2Difference in the technique of knitting in order to be lighter as garment, difference in use of leather belts and straps so as the garment better highlights the female body and last use of shining and modern materials combined with different fabrics.

17e296_67ea69c8706e4398a96d87957526a9c1-mv217e296_212a21f3b3f3447992bfd2c9a90be63c-mv217e296_09699f83b34148bba0ab04c36ada8a06-mv217e296_faa49d1394544ca7bb572798af863a0b-mv2Eleni Kyriacou has studied near Alexander McQueen and certainly she has much more to show us in the future.

See more on her site.


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2 thoughts on “Ancient Greek garment by Eleni Kyriacou”

  1. Eleni Kyriacou says:

    Thank you Dionysia. I love what you wrote! 😉

  2. Dionisia Oikonomou says:

    Thank you very much Eleni Kyriacou. The honor is mine!

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