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Monthly Archives: September 2016

Illusions from Douglas Hoekzema

Time waits for no man. Douglas Hoekzema, [aka Hoxxoh] investigates the time. He searches his energy, his substance or his natural fabric as he says. He explores his oscillations, the illusions that he begets us as to the flow, his movements and finally the effects

Origami chair by Grete Juel Jalk

Plywood GJ Chair 1963 by Danish furniture designer Grete Juel Jalk (1920–2006). Exhibited in Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich. Κράτα το Please follow and like us:

The musical instruments of Adrian Nivola

The sculptures of  Adrian Nivola are elegant, inspired, made of wood and metal, with an air of medieval times and with an abstraction in final result. Small elements and delicate details which are compulsory in effect and they are the key points of his projects.

The porcelain girls of Eric van Straaten

Dutchman Eric van Straaten makes three-dimensional feminine porcelain figures since 2010. Because of the high cost and in order to give the cheapest price, most of his sculptures are miniatures and are known as Humbelles. These creations are of 9 cm height and have been

Painting with paper: Yulia Brodskaya

Yulia Brodskaya from Russia has a great love for the paper. The fascination that exerts on her, made her experiment with several methods untill she succeded, as she admits, to paint with paper rather than paint on it. Her representations are created from colorful paper

Light in Emma Cownie’s everyday life

Emma Cownie lives in Wales. She is a professional self-taught painter and works as a history teacher in education. The painting was her hobby, but after an accident in 2012 this art functioned as her medicine and as a therapy technique. Preferring oil painting as

The peace sky of Miya Ando

“I’ve always loved the Japanese word for galaxy and find it poetic to think of the galaxy as a river of stars in the sky.” Half Japanese half-Russian, she lives and works in New York City. Miya Ando apart from her love for the word