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The sea air in sculptures of Vasso Fragkou

Vasso Fragkou is “chasing” harmony, balance and “peaceful” contact between the substance, the color and the original idea. Her need for artistic expression by decorative items that extends in space, made her deal with ceramics. In her works is reflected the natural movement of the seabed and her decorative objects have an aura of the Aegean and Ionian Sea.


  • Vaso, first of all tell us what your professional start point was and what made you “stop” in the art of ceramic?

Painting was my starting point, but I was always intrigued by the third dimension, so I began to embody the painting surface with objects and fabrics in order to create relief textures. In the search for a material that would allow me to give shape to my relief forms I “stopped” in the art of ceramic.


  • We have a deep tradition in the art of clay mainly with works of everyday use, many of which reflect Greek elements. Your own artistic view is depicted with abstract sculptures. Is there a connection to this “traditional” model and if so has it affected your job.

It is difficult to resist the charm of the seascape in Greece and not be inspired by the feeling that liven you up. The element of the sea, the beauty of the seabed, as well as the pace and movement of waves mold images deep inside me and through the clay they get substance.


  • Harmony and balance are of elements of your works. Your works are your mirror of your soul or something that you seek to have even through your creations?

The harmony and balance dictate to me how to move and specify when a project has taken its final form. Forms talk to each other; I want them to complete each other and the end result to calm me. To channel my strength and to give form to my feelings discharges me so that I could say that with my works I have a two-way relationship.

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  • What is art for you?

It’s sharing emotions, memories, experiences, a timeless medium of expression where you communicate without talking.

  • What do they symbolize or where do your own creations refer?

Starting from my admiration in organic forms, I create sculptures inspired primarily by nature. I want the static of the material to come into conflict with the mood of the sculpture to wave in space, creating illusions.

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  • How much time do you spend on creating a piece of work and what is the feeling when you finish it?

The path I follow to get to the final result for me is a challenge with me. When I start a project I don’t have sketches in front of me but a feeling and a desire in me to draw up my path! The feeling of waiting for the final image to see whether it would “disappoint” or “impress” me in the end gives meaning to what I do. A sculpture may take from one month to four months to be completed, depending on its size of course.

  • What is your favorite piece of work?

I could pick out “the missing piece” because we are connected with a personal story.


the missing piece

  • What work would you like to have created?
The Installation of Anish Kapoor Leviathan is simply sensational. To move within such a prestigious place of shapes and colors, travels me in a utopian world where I definitely would like to live.

ANISH KAPOOR: monumenta 2011 – leviathan

  • Tell us something about your next job
An installation where the wall-sculptures will sprang from the wall surface and would move in space by playing with shadows, is an idea that I would love to develop in the near future.

Thank you Vasso Fragkou. You can see more of her projects on her site.

Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou

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Κράτα το

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