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The porcelain girls of Eric van Straaten


Dutchman Eric van Straaten makes three-dimensional feminine porcelain figures since 2010. Because of the high cost and in order to give the cheapest price, most of his sculptures are miniatures and are known as Humbelles. These creations are of 9 cm height and have been loved by hundreds of collectors worldwide. Each model has its own signature, along with a certificate of authenticity and comes in a few prints.

Their originality is blending beautiful colors and a variety of performances.


stepstool peacock littledancer leda piglet perks_13-768x477 perks_01-768x489 bambibait 026_wasp-532x800 023_threegraces-532x800

See more on his site.

Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou


Κράτα το

Κράτα το

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