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Monthly Archives: July 2016

The artistic grids of Katy Ann Gilmor

Small lines connected together to form two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. A pen and a piece of white paper is the beginning of the “wired” grids for Katy Ann Gilmor. Black wavy landscapes, sometimes with watercolor colors, tell us situations in which there is nothing rigid

The power of light by Lara Cobden

Lara Cobden’s works are produced through the combination of three things which correspond to her own sensors and her objectivity of reality: observation, memory and dream. Searching somehow the balance of a real objectivity and an invisible but transferable subjectivity, she was driven by a

The reality and the fantasy by Monia Marceta

Spanish Monia Marceta moves artistically between photography, cinema and visual image representation. Trying as she says, to find the limits in the relationship between fiction and reality, she shows us dark pictures or with a starring color, especially blue, and with a strong water element.

The amazing portrtaits of Jimmy Law

Jimmy Law paints faces, female and male, beautiful and more beautiful. Unlike their face, their look is clean and direct, looking straight in the eyes. The deep and wide touches and the color combination, give a sense of an image behind glass as the colors

The “fly” of Michaël Cailloux

Michaël Cailloux is a passionate French artist who loves painting and creating. He graduated from the École Duperré School of Design in Paris in 1998 and in 1999 he decided to start his own company, the “Atelier LZC”, to produce its own collections and creations