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Monthly Archives: June 2016

The globetrotter collage of Isabelle Joubert

The pictures from photos of fashion, advertising, or models, is the main and the original inspiration for Isabelle Joubert. After she finds in magazines the suitable photographic material, then she combines with her imagination the pieces to create the final image she wants. After connecting

Landscapes behind colours of Koen Lybaert

Koen Lybaert was born in Belgium. The themes of his painting are landscapes, but distant from any realistic representation. His landscapes have an abstract view and capture is made with colors and their shades without borders and accents. He mainly makes oil paintings, experimenting with

The suspicion of matter of Scott Everingham

Scott Everingham’s base is in Toronto, Canada. Scott creates colorful abstract landscapes with objects referring to known forms, suspending in the environment or sometimes coexisting with it. The oddity of his creations has as a result the presentation of abstract images that fall apart and

The Anya Beaumont’s paper environment

Her work is inspired by the environment and the architectural structure of landscapes and objects. Anya Beaumont selects the paper as the primary material in her work and can combine it with other elements, so as to give the artistic description she wants. Her sculpture

The mapping of collage by Tristesse Seeliger

Tristesse Seeliger is an Art teacher at a school in Vancouver and as a consistent educational, she tried to create ways to teach as best as possible mathematics compared with art. This combination through her studies, spawned her own creations, which is influenced by geometric patterns,

The oil nature by Thorgrimur Einarsson

The painting of the Icelander Thorgrimur Einarsson is a reflection of his love for nature. Landscapes, flowers, animals are his dominant artistic transports, which are reflected in a realistic way and sometimes by sketching elements. Thorgrimur started as a musician with similar studies in Iceland