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The simple elegance in women’s shoes by Panos Papadopoulos

From the first moment I met Panos Papadopoulos, I saw an absolutely noble figure that as time passed, was sealed, by his actions! A very good husband and above all a very good dad since after the conversation we had, of the record, his words for his family were overflowing love! He quickly transmitted to me his passion of artist, shoe designer and his desire to create unique models, elegant, handmade and something very important, he dislikes using the tactic of copy-paste as many do! I loved his collection and I had a very nice chat with him! The same I wish to you!


  • How did you have the desire to deal with the shoe design?

I come from a family of shoe designers, I’m the third generation. But I never wanted to deal with it, I thought it was at least cliché to do the same job with my father, who did the same job as his father. But I was never satisfied with what I did, I studied economics and worked in advertising, I went to design school old enough and I said that’s what I want to do!


  • From where or from what you are inspired to design a new shoe model?

From everywhere, I may go as a guest at a wedding and I stare at the woodwork in the church and try to imagine how a pattern can be a shoe. I always take pictures of tiles, rattan sofas, anything!


  • The elegance characterizes your creations. How important is the role of a woman’s shoe in her sartorial appearance?

In everything there is a semiology, in our behavior, in our movement, our sartorial choices, let’s say that the shoe emphasizes all the above!


  • Who is your favorite creator?

I love designs and elements of various designers as Gianvitto Rossi for the simplicity in their lines,but also Alaia for the use of complex Islamic patterns.

  • How much does the fashion trend influence you?

I don’t know exactly, let’s say that I am affected but, subconsciously, like this year we all like something that was unthinkable a year ago.


  • What materials do you use for your handmade creations and what is your favorite material?

Transparencies, lace and, definitely, leather with metallic texture.


  • Panos, if you want, explain to our friends what is a handmade shoe and what is the importance of it.

When the cutting of material is made by hand, I can check the surface for marks and the direction of elasticity, during the seam I can apply lace without worrying about lack of symmetry between the right and left. Also my draped and my knitwear designs can only be done by hand.


  • What is your goal in the fashion industry?

Years ago, I had read from a book this quote “from the feet to the heart”! That is my goal!


You can see more of his creations on Facebook.

Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou

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