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The underwater world of Michael David Adams

Michael David Adams lives and works in Brooklyn, New York. From the result of his photographic work appears that photography for him is not only work, but also a kind of personal entertainment. He has worked with almost all known magazines such as Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Elle, Harper’s Bazaar, Marie Claire and many many more. I will not try to put in an order some strong characteristic of his work, but I could describe them. So I would say that if the photo is his talent, then the water is his element and travel his inspiration.

We would like to thank him a lot for the interview he gave us!


  • Tell us a few words about yourself. How did you start photographing and which is the element that excites you and passionate you?

–  MDA:  I realized in my 20’s that photography was my true calling in life.  I had been photographing Fine Art work for a few years prior, and was given an opportunity to shoot a few modeling portfolios, and this is when my future was clear to me.

I love working with a great team and beautiful models in amazing locations around the world, as it combines all the things I love in life, Traveling the world and the Photography of both the locations I travel to and the models/fashion I went there to shoot.

With my Underwater Photography, it takes the love of photography to another level.  It’s an amazing combination of the skill and talent of creating images with the ethereal and magical qualities of weightlessness when being submerged in water.

I always love a good challenge, and shooting underwater is about as challenging as photography can get, especially when trying to achieve a specific image or concept.



  • Watching your photos, we see the close relationship you have with the liquid element. How do you connect your technique with water and what are the artistic advantages (result) of this combination?

Water has always been a very special thing to me. I grew up studying Martial Arts, and when I heard the « Be Water, my Friend» quote from Bruce Lee, it solidified my wonder and facination with it.

Photographing in Water is an amazing experience.  The visuals you can create when using the elements and physics of water correctly are simply incredible. It requires a completely different approach to photography, but as you can see, the results are breathtaking.

I always see a water shoot just like any other photoshoot, but it just so happens that we are all underwater.  There are safety issues, methods of air to breathe to decide on, and the lack of being able to speak to communicate which makes it complicated from the beginning, but when you secure those issues, then the real fun of living in that world can begin.


  • What is beauty to you? Can the photo “beautify” something objectively ugly?

I believe «beauty» itself is subjective.  It is certainly possible to photograph something that many people may not feel is «beautiful», but photograph it in such a way that would change peoples minds.. The key is for the photographer to see it as something beautiful, since the camera is simply a conduit into the mind of the photographer.

arctic-beauty-michael-david-adams-04 arctic-beauty-michael-david-adams-03

  • Where do you find inspiration? In traveling, we are all inspired by the new environment and new landscapes. (Really, have you managed to come to the Greek islands yet? We are full sea!) But in an advertisement or a professional job, how the inspiration is born and do you have some professional principles or limits you don’t surpass?

World Traveling is a joy beyond words for so many reasons.. I’ve always wanted to see the world and I have been able to do that with through the talents of my photography.   Greece is definitly on my list of beautiful places of the world to visit.  I do travel to Croatia occasionally since my wife was born there, so hopefully next time we can make a trip to Greece as well, I would love that!

With any photographic project, personal or professional, I would have an overall goal for the visuals, perhaps I explore the colors of the sea and beach as a theme, or the relationship of the architecture to the surrouding shoreline?..  Every place in the world has it’s own story, and I let the location speak to me first, then I decide which aspects of it’s story that I would like to tell.

Sometimes the location, along with the Fashion (or other concepts) will be quite obvious, but other times, it’s not until I get on the ground and have a chance to walk around and truly absorb the city, or wherever, until the «Story» reveals itself to me.. For example, when I went to Lisbon Portugal, I had a good idea of the fashion that we were going to shoot, and a good sample of what Lisbon looked like, since I had not been there before, but when I finally got the chance to get my feet on the ground and do my scouting, the hidden gems of the artistic city opened up to me.  From the beautiful hand painted wall tiles, to the colorful grafitti, and more,.. I saw all of these things and the soul of the city, and the «Story» was set..

michael-david-adams-morgane-le-fay-underwater-0506 fire-in-the-sky-michael-david-adams-04

  • What would you like to do and you have not done yet? What is the role of dreams for you and how optimistically do you face the future?

One thing I would love to do is to see/photograph a Great White shark up close underwater.. That would be Incredible!!,
Also I want to swim with Manatees as well as Whale sharks, and of course photograph them, too!

Dreaming is the key to art, without it/them your creative mind will not flourish and have new ideas or inspirations for future work.  Always dream, and dream big, and work like hell to make those dreams a reality!

You can see more of his photo on his site and on instagram.

Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou


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