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Monthly Archives: May 2016

The whole world a collage by db Waterman

As a young girl she liked to cut images with faces from magazines and newspapers including elements from photos and stick them together, creating a new image. The Dutch db Waterman, tells us stories making worlds by matching the paper and other materials. This mixed

The images behind the uniform lines of Jenny Kemp

Jenny Kemp has a special way of expressing her feelings, her ideas or her personal references. Pulling parallel lines in defined colors, she creates patterns and designs that leave the impression of a three-dimensional form. Her artistic writing plays with shadows and by illustrating ablative

The miniaures books of Andrea Burns

They are small, leather-bound, with pages that include poetry or a favorite quote and you can wear most of them! The mini books of Andrea Burns are real “gems”. Handmade and original, they really offer you a smart solution for a gift and can become

The paper compositions of Lisa Jonasson

She was born in Sweden and has finished the School of Fine Arts of Stockholm. Lisa Jonasson‘s work is characterised by variegation and symbolisms. Her works, made of paper, piece by piece compose human figures in a narrative pattern. Human bodies or parts of them,