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Monthly Archives: April 2016

The furniture of Yael and Shay

Nice furniture, modern ideas and a colorful and imaginative presentation in the sector of decoration. Be sure that when you enter the website of Yael and Shay you will stay longer than in any similar online content page. Why; They have lots of imagination and

The aquamarine of the photographer Dean West

The award-winning Australian photographer Dean West takes us into a gentle world of color through excursion and travel relaxing landscapes. White and seascapes, innocent pastel colors with small and minimalist tensions which have been aptly placed in space. Ideal worlds, innocent connotations of a past

Tom Haney manufactures tradition

Born in Cincinnati of Ohio in 1962, Tom Haney showed his penchant for construction but also his love for mechanical dolls, (Automaton) since his childhood. He remembers himself standing dumbfounded in front of an auto mechanic at the age of two years and lost by

The trapped human beings of Thalia Xenakis

Thalia Xenakis is a modern artist, which if nothing else, is influenced by the complexity of modern times and the constant emerging problems, and she is able to convey them in her art. The value of her work lies in abstraction and yet in the

Amit Sturlesi and his bright world

He wanted the uniqueness and he succeeded. He wanted the originality and he did it. He sought different ways to illuminate us and he shone! Amit Sturlesi, in Tel Aviv of Israel, creates beautiful and bright sculptures. The classic bedside lamp can be replaced with

Aphrodite Kyriazis’ Vehicles

Aphrodite Kyriazis comes from Kalamata, where she lives, works and creates. She studied architecture, which she practice in her home country, and in the meanwhile she is dealing with her great passion, painting. I could start in a slightly different way my article and I

Triantaphyllos Vaitsis in the shadow of his creations

“I was born, I have been growing up, I will die … but until then I will be creating”. In this way Triantaphyllos Vaitsis, welcomes us to his site, and as another magician of everyday life he suggests us to “… see that which cannot

Bodies made of clay

There are some people -lucky I would say- who know from their childhood what they would like to do in their lives. One of them is self-taught Matias Sierra who at very young age he realized that the clay is the object that he adores.

Leonidas Vasilopoulos Chimera

What is a chimera? A mythological monster with a lion’s head, a goat’s body and a dragon’s tail. But for M. Karagatsis’ “Great Chimera” , we should be transferred to images of human situations that indicate immersive feelings, limitless passions and intense psychological processes. Leonidas