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Sea is everywhere, Pavlos Samios

Να σ’ αγναντεύω, θάλασσα, να μη χορταίνω,
απ’ το βουνό ψηλά
στρωτήν και καταγάλανη και μέσα να πλουταίνω
απ’ τα μαλάματά σου τα πολλά.
Κώστας Βάρναλης
“Sea is everywhere” for Pavlos Samios. Because he can’t resist painting it. It can not stop to be the source of his inspiration, he can not help not recognizing its existence in his experiences and in his soul.
This is the title and the theme of his new exhibition in Hydra, and we can even say that it’s not “soon enougn” to make it protagonist, not in his works, but in his exhibitions.
Pavlos Samios was born in 1948 in Tavros of Athens. His father had a shoe workshop and somewhere there, at young age, as an assistant in the workshop, he realized his love for painting and drawing shoes till their last detail. A little later he followed the art of hagiography where with the help of Dionysis Karoussos he loved religious painting. At the School of Fine Arts he had as teachers Nikos Nikolaou, Yannis Moralis and later Yiannis Tsarouchis who he had met in Paris and who had enriched his artistic knowledge. At the same time he meets Manos Hadjidakis in “Spellbound Flute” , a group without artistic borders and a freethinking learning. In 1978 he arrived in Paris, where he studied near French teachers knowing the French artistic sensibility and technique. However, after almost seventeen years he will again miss, the sun and the light of Greece and will come back.
Since 2000 he is professor at the School of Fine Arts in fresco and traditional painting, Byzantine icons and manuscripts.
So sea is everywhere, dragons wrapped in female bodies, summer indolence and fresh fruit, blue calm waters and backgammon with Greek coffee. The presence of a woman by the sea everywhere, love, red heels, leaving or coming suitcase, objects that show presence and absence at the same time. Bold colors and a Greece alive and beloved, a Greece that leaves the window open for the sea to get in and a sea like an embrace choking negative emotions and bringing positive ones.
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Paul Samios’ exhibition entitled “Sea everywhere” will be presented at the Historical Archives Museum of Hydra from June 13 till July 31 2015. Please note that many of the exhibition’s works belong to the artist’s private collection and are exposed for the first time.

Written by: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou

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