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The realism of Stavros Douzinas



You will recognize Stavros Douzinas’ paintings by his clowns. But you will not be impressed only by that!

His painting mostly exudes an intense realism that combines rich colors, overt emotion and abstract images. His clowns, his latter protagonists, replaced the still life, the surreal landscapes and geometric shapes with glass balls which reflect the environment.
Stavros Douzinas introduces himself through his art!


  • What is painting for you and why this emphasis to clowns?

Painting for me is the need to record what happens around me and within me. I believe I’m a multi-themed painter, however in recent years I am concerned about the loneliness and sorrow of my fellowmen. I could draw people lonely and distressed. But I chose the clown to give a stronger message. The clown as a pop artist, giving around him laugh, with the painting of the face, his grimaces, his awkward movements, and he is usually a melancholic person behind coulisses or in personal moments. Besides, I am too like this…

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  • From what we read in your resume, you had the chance to work along with Tsarouchis. Tell us a little about this partnership and what was it that even today you keep from him as artistic value.

Yes I met G.Tsarouchis when he was bringing his paintings to the photographer Manolis Bernard, to be photographed on behalf of the publishing company Melissa. I approached him and told him that I paint … he smiled, probably with my youthful audacity and told me to bring him some of my works to his studio. The next afternoon I went to Maroussi and when he saw my work, suggested that I become his student, model and assistant. I remember that night I did not sleep!!! Tsarouchis was a philosopher who helped me to understand the role of art in people’s lives, generally what is culture. I was watching him when he made sketches for scenes, when he painted when he philosophized… His friends, all of them great, Kun, Hadjidakis, Dionysis Fotopoulos, Mercouri, Karezi, Gatsos, Elytis and dozens of other intellectuals passed from his studio. Imagine a young man like me to hear these people talk … what luck, what pleasure!!! Tsarouchis works exude Greece, not in a narrow nationalistic sense. This is the long artistic intervention and artistic value of Tsarouchis.

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  • If you make another stop in your artistic career so far, what would you be?

The first stop on my way was my father Dimitris Douzinas (painter) who introduced me from very young to the magic of painting and taught me the first things about art.
Second station, my apprenticeship in C. Tsarouhis. Third, my meeting and cooperation with George Vakirtzis, the Big-painter for about six years. If I would make another stop….. What I would like but can not be… I would like to be a student of Dali, of Moralis, of Gizis, Iakovidis, Parthenis ……

  • The realism is dominant in your projects. What other information would you give yourself for the status of your works and what fascinates you in this style?

In the history of painting realism as a style has appeared at least four times. Realism is just a way of writing. My youthful works were more abstract. In the process became increasingly
realistic. That means there were novels and they became short stories. If you want to tell the truth then you say it with poetic realism. I certainly follow realism because I need to tell truths.


  • Would you like to make us a description of your studio?

My studio is relatively small, so I can have it filled with my dreams. As in most laboratories-atelier, you will see my works, colors, frames, art books and a radio that keeps me company the hours I work.


  • What advice would you give to younger students or students who seek to deal with this art?

Who am I to give advice? Children need to hear their instincts and if they take the path of painting they should love it. Love for painting means work, research, work.
This is the way recognition is built.

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  • What is your favorite artist and which of his works you admire?

There are many artists I admire and stand in awe in their works. But the one I think is still unsurpassed, is Dali. I do not admire one single work of his, but over fifty.


  • Finally, if you could stand out one of your works, then what would it be? Which is the one that you love the most?

It may sound a little strange but the works that I love and I distinguish in my work are not published, but are the ones I give to my friends. Among my last works I think it is the painting «Four clowns in a show».


We thank Stavros Douzinas. You can see more on his site.

Editing: Elefheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou



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