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The teacher of glass

Tim Tate is an award-winning artist and a multi-faceted and creative personality. As a lover of glass, he experimented and practiced for about ten years until he decided to found, along with others, a glass school in his native city Washington. The Washington Glass School counts about fifteen years of operation with great success and students from all over the world.
The purity, flexibility and the workable material of the glass was the launch of a brilliant career for Tim with many valuable prizes and permanent exhibitions of works in museums. Apart from his talent, his work is the result of many hours spent on watching his favorite object, and combining imaginative spirit with continuous research. Additionally Tim calls himself also, a video-sculptor, as one of the artistic discoveries he has made, was the creation of videos mentioning silent movies.
Enjoy him with his answers in the «If this is answer what is the question?».

Which are the materials that you use?

  • I use many, many materials…..especially glass, acrylic and video.

How would you characterise your work?

  • Lying in the uncomfortable middle…..somewhere between achingly beautiful in a victorian way and the new media of today.

Where is the beauty of glass, what fascinates you in this?

  • Τhe beauty of glass (and acrylic as well) is in its maleability and transparency.

What is your favorite artistic tool?

  • Rubber molds.


Besides art, what else do you do?

I bake pies better than Μildred Pierce. (Mildred Pierce is a 1945 American drama film based on novel written by James M. Cain.)

Who or what influences and inspires you?

  • Old movies, silent film, experimental video from the 50’s.

What is your favorite piece of your work?  

  • The healing polyopticon.


What is the first artist who comes to your mind? 

  • Joseph von Sternberg 

What can you tell about your character, as a remnant of your teenage years?

  • It took me 30 years to return to that teenager and his trust in my work.

What haven’t you done and still would like to do? 

I have not gotten into the Whitney Biennale.

Thank you Tim for your answers.

You can find more of his projects on his site.

Written by: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou

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