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The soul of glass


An interview of artist Christina Bothwell.

What have you studied?

  • I studied painting at the Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, in Pennsylvania. Later, I taught myself how to work with ceramics, and with glass.
Swing OctopusGirl

Which are the materials that you use?

  • I work with pieces of  glass which I melt and fire in kilns, pit fired ceramic (clay), oil painting, and found objects. I use a lot of glue (or adhesives).
LandscapeDetail Hypochondriac Carousel
Most artists have a favorite artistic tool that they just can’t part with. What is yours?
  • My favorite artistic tool is a small exacto blade- basically a tiny sharp razor blade on a metal stick.
What is beauty to you?
  • What is beauty to me- I have to quote from the film maker John Water’s for this- he said, «Beauty is anything that makes you want to look at for more than a minute!» I agree with that whole heartedly!
pink-dog TherSecretWisdomofGirls2.lowres
What is your most favorite work among what you have created so far?
  • I would have to say the first piece I made called, «While you are Sleeping», of a soul rising out of a sleeping girl’s body. This piece is on display at the Corning Museum of Glass, as part of their permanent collection.
What would you like to do and haven’t you made it yet?
  • I recently made a glass house with a family inside. I would love to do a whole village of glass houses that sit on the floor as an installation.
A word or a feeling that you hate?
  • I hate the feeling of despair, or hopelessness.
What are the favorite topics in your art?
  • My favorite topics in my work deal with spiritual awakening. I believe we all are part of Source (or God), but we get so bogged down in our physical surroundings we tend to forget our own magnificence.  I struggle with this daily!  But moments of transcendence are so sublime, it is worth trying to capture in works of art.
Birds little-donovan-2013
What is pride for you and how you relate it to your work?
  • I feel proud when I consider that I have put all of my faith into making art as my life’s work.  When I was a small child I knew I wanted to be an artist when I grew up, but so many people tried to discourage me, telling me it was too difficult to make a living as an artist, that a person couldn’t be an artist and also be married, or have children, or make enough money to survive on. My father loved telling me that I wasn’t talented enough, or smart enough to make it.. He said repeatedly that only one out of a million artists could hope to make a living from his art, and it usually wasn’t a woman who had this success, and it probably wouldn’t be me. I now have three children, and I support my family of five solely from the sales of my sculptures. I have been making a living as an artist for the past twenty years.  I feel lucky, and very blessed!
Artist. What does it mean for you?
  • I think we are all artists.. we just have to recognize that part of being human and alive is having the capacity to express our inner joy through making something.  When my children get absorbed in drawing, I feel definitely that they are artists in that moment!

Christina Bothwell was born in New York, lived several years in Philadelphia of USA and for the last twenty years she lives and creates in Pennsylvania. Her sculptures exude an aroma of pure nature and enchant with a fairy feeling of creative imagination. Christina Bothwell is a very kind and meritorius person whose inner world is revealed by the quality of her words. The only thing I wish to her is to continue materializing her valuable dreams.
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Written by: Eleftheria Vonaparti – Translated by: Gretel Athanasiou

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